Vic Rebman Ph.D.
Stop Smoking Now!

Do you want to break free of your smoking habit? Other methods not working for you? This program will increase your chances dramatically to quit for good.

The Stop Smoking Now! program includes four 30 minute hypnosis sessions. In addition, each session comes with a 15 minute booster session and five-minute power session, which allow you to quickly reinforce your positive gains achieved from the longer sessions.

This program includes:
CD #1
Session #1 Building Motivation and Confidence (30 min)
  • Booster session (15 min)
  • Power session (5 min)

  • CD #2
    Session #2 Rediscovering the Truth (30 min)
  • Booster session (15 min)
  • Power session (5 min)

  • CD #3
    Session #3 Maintaining Motivation (30 min)
  • Booster session (15 min)
  • Power session (5 min)

  • CD #4 Preventing Relapse (30 min)
  • Booster session (15 min)
  • Power session (5 min)

  • The use of clinical hypnosis has been endorsed by both the American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Psychological Association (APA). Power up and Stop Smoking Now!

    FAQs About Clinical Hypnosis

    Why use hypnosis?

    In over 30 years of study and practice in the field of clinical psychology, I’ve discovered no method more powerful for producing positive change than clinical hypnosis. Unfortunately, many have a skewed understanding of hypnosis.

    What is clinical hypnosis?

    Clinical hypnosis is a relaxed, highly focused state of concentration. The first lesson of psychology; what you focus on you amplify. Through the experience of hypnosis, one is guided in acquiring a relaxed, highly absorbed state of concentration. This allows for access and amplification of inner resources which are often not otherwise available.

    What benefits are to be gained from clinical hypnosis?

    During hypnosis, you can learn to:
  • Decrease pain
  • Reduce panic, anxiety & stress
  • Increase a positive focus and reduce depression
  • Develop success imagery and enhance performance
  • Improve sleep
  • Develop more optimistic attitudes
  • Improve assertiveness and communication skills
  • Stop Smoking Now!
  • The bottom line: Hypnosis is a powerful tool which can help facilitate progress toward any personal/professional goal.


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