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Healing With Parables

Written By: Vic Rebman Ph.D

 Welcome To Healing With Parables!

Healing With Parables is a spiritually based Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) program for breaking free of anxiety, panic, worry, and stress without the need for medications. CBT has over forty years of clinical research supporting it as the treatment of choice for all anxiety disorders.

Healing With Parables allows you to break free of debilitating anxiety, panic, and stress with no need for medications, and grow spiritually at the same time. What a deal!!

The following videos will explain away the mystery of anxiety disorders and describe how CBT and the Healing With Parables program works to resolve anxiety and stress without need for medications.

The Healing With Parables program is based on solid clinical research and grounded in the wisdom and stories of Jesus.  If you, or some one you know, struggles with stress and/or anxiety,Healing With Parables can be life transforming!!

To order the Healing With Parables program, visit my online store.

To schedule counseling appointments to support your work with the Healing With Parables program call me directly at 260-471-9902. 


Video #1

Anxiety Is Anticipatory

My first video is called “Anxiety Is Anticipatory.” In this 6 min. video, I will introduce you to CBT and explain why it is the Goldstar treatment for all anxiety disorders. Why does CBT treat anxiety so effectively?  Well, the answer is quite simple…

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