Vic Rebman Ph.D.

Leading and Managing Difficult People

Vic Rebman, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist

Just as some people bring out your best, and others bring out your worst, you can bring out the best in people at their worst! It is a matter of understanding where they are coming from and what is likely to work with them!

Drs. Brinkman and Krischner

No matter where you go, you find them; difficult people who seem to walk this earth for the sole purpose of aggravating you! In this four hour-program, Dr. Rebman shows you, your management, and your organization how to deal with difficult people and bring out the best in them, while minimizing your personal frustrations. This program is a must for anyone whose work requires an ability to relate well with others.

The more you understand what drives difficult behavior, the more you are able to neutralize counter-productive behavior and bring out something better! In this program, you learn how to:

  • Apply a three-step strategy for assessing and understanding difficult behavior.
  • Recognize the ten most common undesirable behavior patterns.
  • Identify the primary intentions which drive undesirable behavior.
  • Utilize action strategies for bringing out the best in the most difficult.
  • Effectively manage your own frustration when dealing with difficult people.

To bring this program to your management team or organization, contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions and put you on a path to dealing effectively with the difficult people in your life!


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