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Think For a Change!
Hypnosis: Fact vs. Fiction

Breaking Free of Anxiety I
Breaking Free of Anxiety II
Breaking Free of Anxiety III
Breaking Free of Anxiety IV
Breaking Free of Anxiety V
Breaking Free of Anxiety VI
Breaking Free of Anxiety VII
Breaking Free of Anxiety VIII
Breaking Free of Anxiety IX
Breaking Free of Anxiety X

Managing Performance

Motivation-What Drives Human Behavior
Managing Change And Why We Resist It
Ingredients of Leadership
Healthy Partnerships Require Good Management
Characteristics of a Good Coach
Avoid Costly Hiring Errors

What is Depression?
Basic Facts About Depression
Diagnosing Depression
When to Seek Treatment
Depression Risk_Factors
Educate Yourself About Depression
Change Your Mind and Change Your Mood


Relaxation: The Forgotten Skill - Listen and relax! This relaxation program, when listened to regularly, will reduce your stress and improve mental, emotional and physical well-being. Enjoy! (20 minutes)

Deep Muscle Relaxation For Beginners - Are you someone who feels you just can’t relax? This relaxation program starts from the beginning and re-conditions your mind and body for relaxation. Be good to yourself and give it a try! (20 minutes)

The Perfect Peace Within - Based upon the scripture lesson Luke 17:21. “The kingdom of heaven is within you.” This meditation guides you inward to discover the perfect peace within. (20 minutes)

Creating Healthy Relationships - Samples from the full program

Mind Myths - Samples from the full program

Break Free Of Depression - No need for medications. Listen and learn (20 minutes)

Calm Down!! - Break free of anxiety, worry, and panic without medications. Listen and learn (20 minutes)

Creating Healthy Relationships - Learn how to create the quality relationships you desire and deserve. Listen and learn (20 minutes)

Quieting The Mind - A Breath Mediation (10 minutes)

Success With Balance - Meditation Review (23 minutes)

Lessons From A Course In Miracles:

Chapter 11 God or the Ego: Dismantling the ego thought system - Lesson delivered to the Fort Wayne ACIM Study Group in June 2009. This lesson examines the four core beliefs upon which the ego rests, and the four core beliefs of spirit that set us free. (17 minutes)



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