Vic Rebman Ph.D.
I have always admired the ability to bite off more than one can chew, and then chew it. William DeMille

The people of your organization are your number one asset. Regardless of the type of business you own or manage, the quality of your employee and customer relationships will determine the degree of your success.

Are you hiring the right people?

Are you placing the right people in the right positions?

Are employee/staffing issues bogging you down?

Do you have a well articulated vision and set of core values upon which to build your business?

Do you have effective methods for dealing with valued, yet under-performing employees?

Are you interested in helping your top performers reach their next level of success? (What would a 25% growth from your star performers mean to your bottom line?)

How about having someone a phone-call away to consult on those human/employee issues?

As an owner or manager of a small business, you are very familiar with the economics, products, and services you deliver. But, if you are like most, you are looking for help with the psychological side of your business; those human factors issues which impact the growth and profitability of your business.

Rebman Consulting can help you get a handle on the psychological aspects of your business to gain a competitive edge.


Many of my small business clients have also taken advantage of our Interpersonal Power program. This is a crash course for business owners and professionals in understanding human motivation and interpersonal relationships.

I make housecalls! Dealing with the frustration of staffing and employee issues? Call and brief me on the issue, and I will meet with your employee on your site. You will be debriefed as to the results… this is extremely cost efficient, and an effective use of time. You pay only for the time of the service, and fewer headaches!

Case Scenarios

Jim owned a successful small business. He was looking for ways to improve the performance of his sales team. His people knew the ins and outs of salesmanship, yet lacked passion and drive. (They had plateaued.) We completed a values assessment to determine critical values which triggered individual and team passions. Working as a team, we designed a vision, based upon those values, with accountability procedures, to assure forward momentum. Stagnation is dangerous, and Jim took action before it impacted his bottom line.

Jack’s business employed 30 people. He was fed up with all the gossip and backstabbing, and became determined to turn things around. We developed a company-wide employee mentoring program, built upon the core values of trust, respect, and cooperation. Positive encouragement and championing procedures were built into the mentoring program. Within six months, Jack’s working culture had significantly transformed.

Janice was responsible for hiring. She wanted to be sure she hired those individuals with the right skills and personality traits for the jobs she had open. She relied on our online 16PF assessment services. The 16PF gives you the ability to evaluate personality styles and temperaments before you hire.

Bob’s management team was struggling. They were at odds when it came to the best methods for managing and motivating employees. The team completed the Interpersonal Power course, and this gave them the motivational tools they needed, along with the opportunity to work together, to design policies and practices which met their management goals.


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