Vic Rebman Ph.D.

The very substance of the ambitious is
merely the shadow of a dream.

William Shakespeare

Do you have a goal or dream you long to fulfill?

We offer face-to-face and telecoaching services to help you reach your goals. (Our telecoaching allows us to bring our services to you, anywhere!!!)

Are you frustrated knowing you are not living to your potential?

Does your life lack focus, direction or balance?

Do you have old, unhealthy habits you need to break?

Are you struggling to create healthy, loving relationships?

A Coaching Model Designed to Work for You!

My four-phase coaching model has helped hundreds of individuals achieve their goals.When you are ready for a positive change, I can help you maximize your success.

Consider the following:

  • I will help you design a program for success, and we will work your plan together.

  • Telecoaching services allow us to work effectively together from anywhere.

  • I am a licensed clinical psychologist, with over 25 years (50,000+ hours) of experience. I know how to put the power of psychology to work for you.

  • We will focus on your strengths.My coaching will strengthen and empower you.
Are you ready for a change?

Your Four-Phase Coaching Model

Phase One: Assessment

Evaluate the obstacles which hold you back and identify the strengths which will move you forward.

Phase Two: Blueprint
We identify your goals (targets) and design the strategies necessary to achieve them.

Phase Three: Action
We work the plan: Amplifying your strengths and utilizing the strategies necessary to produce positive change.

Phase Four: Reassess and Refine
We tweak the plan as needed to assure success and lasting change.

Case Scenarios

Bob was a smoker for 25 years.He tried numerous times to quit. We designed a program using acupuncture to reduce nicotine withdrawal, and five hypnosis sessions to strengthen motivation and build his self-image as a non-smoker.He was smoke-free in less than a month.

Jessie was overwhelmed as a single parent. She found herself consistently anxious, agitated, and irritable. Her plan included stress management skills, with cognitive restructuring, so she could balance her life, and more fully enjoy her children and leisure time. Her anxiety diminished and moods significantly improved within three weeks.

John was having a difficult time letting go and moving on following his divorce.We designed a change plan utilizing hypnosis to build a positive future focus, and interpersonal skills building to create new relationship possibilities.John moved on.

Jerry was a workaholic (80+ hours work per week was the norm). He couldn’t feel comfortable unless everything was “caught up.”The problem was: Things were never “caught up.” His change plan called for the development of relaxation and compartmentalization (letting go) skills.Creative visualization was used to teach and amplify these skills. Jerry successfully reduced his work week by 25-30 hours.

Is it time to move your life in a new direction?



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