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Sleep Well

Good sleep is vital to maintaining your mental, emotional, and physical health. Our hectic lifestyles wear us down and we develop unhealthy sleep habits. As a result, we deprive ourselves of the sleep we need to stay healthy and alert.

With the Sleep Well program, you can break free of insomnia and dependence on sleep medications and reduce your stress. The Sleep Well program is a 6 week program which preconditions the mind and body for healthy sleep.

Each week you will learn new skills which teach you how to relax, lower your blood pressure, enhance your concentration, sleep more soundly, increase energy, and overall enhance your emotional well-being.

The Sleep Well program includes four CDs and a 29 page workbook which guides through the 6 week program. The program will teach you step-by-step how to lower your stress, relax your body, and recondition your mind for healthy sleep.

Over 50% of adults complain of sleep difficulty. Over 30 million Americans suffer from chronic insomnia. The techniques taught in this program were developed in over 10 years of study and research at Harvard Medical School. They have been shown to improve quality of sleep in 100% of those who completed the program and master the techniques. I’ve integrated self-hypnosis into the Harvard-based techniques to give them even greater power!

FAQs About Clinical Hypnosis

Why use hypnosis?

Ever since I walked into my first psychology class, in 1974, I have been intrigued with human behavior and the dynamics of positive change. I'm constantly seeking new ways to create positive change...asier and more effectively.

In over 25 years of study and practice, I've discovered no method more powerful for producing positive change than clinical hypnosis.

Unfortunately, many have a skewed understanding of hypnosis, based on the popular stage hypnotists, whose sole purpose is to manipulate and mytify their audience. Clinical hypnosis and stage hypnosis are as different as day and night. (For a discussion on how stage hypnosis works, see the article--The Secrets of Stage Hypnosis (in a book by Dr. Michael Yapko, Trancework, 3rd ed., 2003).

What is clinical hypnosis?

Clinical hypnosis is a relaxed, highly focused state of concentration. What you focus on, you amplify. We all understand this as an absolute truth. Through the experience of hypnosis, one is guided in acquiring a relaxed and highly absorbed state of concentration. This allows for access and amplification of inner resources, which are often not otherwise available.

Many benefits can be gained through the use of hypnosis...some of which are: Pain management, moving comfortably through situations previously causing panic and anxiety, reducing stress, improving sleep, quitting smoking and other unhealthy habits, and becoming more positive in attitude and thought. You can even improve your golf game!

The Bottom Line: Hypnosis is a powerful tool, which can help you progress toward your personal and professional goals.


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