Vic Rebman Ph.D.
The employer generally gets
the employees he deserves.

Sir Walter Bilbey

Are you hiring the right people?

Are you placing the right people in the right positions?

Are employee/staffing issues bogging you down?

How about having someone a phone-call away to consult on those human/employee issues?

Do you have a well articulated vision and set of core values through which you lead?

Are you and your professional partners able to communicate and problem-solve effectively together?

This is understandable. Some of the most complicated aspects of running a professional practice have to deal with the human factors issues, which impact service delivery, growth, and profitability.

Rebman Consulting can help you and your professional partners develop and enhance the psychological skills you need to build and manage your practice. These skills may include:

  • Improve hiring and promotional decisions
  • Design policies which enhance employee performance
  • Strategies for dealing with difficult employees
  • Develop and improve problem-solving and communication among the partners
  • Enhance management skills
  • Coach key employees for maximizing their performance
  • Help valued, yet under-performing employees remove blind spots and improve performance and interpersonal skills
  • Enhance team effectiveness
  • Develop a clear vision and core set of values to drive growth and to promote trust, respect, and cooperation

I make housecalls! Dealing with the frustration of staffing and employee issues? Call and brief me on the issue, and I will meet with your employee on your site. You will be debriefed as to the results… this is extremely cost efficient, and an effective use of time. You pay only for the time of the service, and fewer headaches!

Many of my professional clients have also taken advantage of the Interpersonal Power training program. This program provides a crash course for professionals in understanding human motivation and interpersonal relationships.

Case Scenarios

A multiple partner, professional practice was thriving, but found themselves constantly frustrated and at odds with each others. When they attempted to communicate on key issues, it resulted in anger, and unresolved issues. With personality assessments in hand, we met, and over several sessions, we explored their individual psychological strengths and sensitivities. This allowed us to develop communication rules and problem-solving strategies which allowed them to work more effectively together. They now bypass the old tendencies to “push each other’s buttons.”

A successful multi-professional practice lacked direction. Each had their own vision of where the practice was headed, not being able to “get on the same page.” They committed to a two-day vision retreat, and worked through strategically designed exercises to help them clarify their professional goals and integrate their vision for the future. Do you have a professional dream? Without a plan, a dream is no more than a wish.

Dr. Bartscht had a clear vision of the practice she wanted to build. She wanted to be sure she was hiring the right individuals to realize her vision. She put the 16PF online assessment into play, and found individuals with the traits she needed. The 16PF is an awesome tool for assessing personality and leadership abilities, team profiles, and areas for developmental growth.


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