Vic Rebman Ph.D.

Interpersonal Power

...a crash course in human motivation and interpersonal dynamics

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What is Interpersonal Power?

The Interpersonal Power program is designed to introduce you and/or your organization to the basic psychological tools and skills (seven principles) necessary to release your true potential, reaching new levels of success and achievement. This course can occur on our site or yours, or in teleclass format (participants dial into a scheduled learning community consisting of eight 1 ¼ hour sessions over eight weeks).

This is a “crash course” on the fundamentals of human motivation and interpersonal dynamics for professionals, entrepreneurs, and managers! Learn the fundamentals for diagnosing and managing those employee/staffing issues that bog down your organization’s success.

What you gain as a participant…

Understanding the “three basic laws of human behavior.”

Understanding the dynamics of human relationships.

Understanding the “three universal values that drive human motivation.”

How to apply the seven principles of interpersonal power to create relationships based on trust, respect, and cooperation.

How to utilize non-verbal communication techniques for building positive rapport.

How to maintain states of excellence on a daily basis.

Learn techniques for sharpening listening skills.

How to recognize what motivates others to respond favorably.

How to maintain poise and confidence under stress.

How to increase personal motivation and positive focus.

How to condition your mind for success.

And more.

What Graduates of Interpersonal Power have to say…

“Our interpersonal power training brought everyone together, working positively with each other.We learned how to help one another and trust more in each other.Thanks, Vic!”

“I learned how to build positive rapport with customers and I grew more self-confident.”

“I came to see my true potential in myself and in my work.”

“This training made me aware of my potential…with the right frame of mind, anything is possible.”

“Even when there are differences, now we can work together and everyone is aware of the importance of trust, respect, and cooperation.”

“Our work environment is so much more pleasant now!”

“Vic showed me how respecting others helps me create my own success!"

Course Syllabus

Module I: Building the Foundation

Three fundamental laws of human behavior…Three universal values that fuel motivation, performance and loyalty…The keys to establishing and maintaining positive rapport in any relationship and any context… Practical applications.

Module II: Awakening to the Power of Thought

Utilizing the power of thought to create positive outcomes…The key to maintaining healthy long-term relationships…Managing emotions…Maintaining grace under pressure…Practical applications.

Module III: Interpersonal Balance

Master the laws of giving and receiving in human relationships…Activating the power of respect…Utilizing respect to fuel performance…The relationship of respect to self-image and human performance…Utilizing interpersonal mentoring programs to shape organizational culture.

Module IV: Organizational Forgiveness

Balancing expectations and performance deficits to maximize growth…Stimulating employee creativity…Maximizing interpersonal potential for organizational growth...Practical applications.

Module V: The Self-Esteem Paradox

The fundamentals of positive self-esteem…Utilizing the self-esteem paradox to empower employees and enhance performance…The role of self-esteem in co-worker relationships…The power of championing.

Module VI: The Psychology of Time

Re-thinking our concept of time…Einstein’s relativity and human performance…The role of policies and procedures in effective management…The relationship of time, thought, performance, and expectations…Practical applications.

Module VII: The Power of Vision

The relationship of organizational vision, mission, and core values on performance growth, loyalty, and hiring practices…Hiring by design, not by chemistry…The five stages of organizational growth…Practical applications.

Module VIII: Packaging the Process

Conceptualize all your learning into seven simple principles…Living the seven principles…Looking back and looking ahead…Closing thoughts.


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