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More On The Power Of Belief

Power Lesson #3  We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are. Reality, as we experience it, is nothing more than a reflection of our deeply held beliefs and convictions.  We now have over six billion people in the world, so we  now have over six billion conflicting realities all attempting to co […]

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The Definition Of Faith

Power Lesson #2:  Faith is another word for expectancy. Faith is the power of belief manifesting.  In psychology we talk of the power of the “self-fulfilling prophecy.”  It is an uncanny way in which–what we expect becomes what we eperience.  You expect the worst and you experience the worst.  Folks who spend large portions of their time […]

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The First In a Series: Christmas

            “The greatest power in all the universe rests in mans ability to change his mind.”  Albert Einstein Eastern religions teach that the world is but a reflection of our state of mind.  Einstein’s quote reminds us of this fact (Yes, it is now a well established fact that our thoughts and the world out there are […]

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Some Problems Can’t Be Solved!

I came across a quote the other day from the great psychologist Carl Jung:    ” Our most important problems can’t be solved, they must be outgrown.” What a profound observation! In my life, as well as the thousands I’ve had the privilege of counseling and coaching, I have found this to be absolutely true.  Psychologist Abraham Maslow […]

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I have been given the honor of hosting a workshop on the psychology of Miracles . The workshop will be held at Unity Church on Oct. 4th at 1:30.  In the program I will be integrating principles from quantum physic with scriptural lessons from Jesus and ACIM to produce a three step process for manifesting MIRACLES in […]

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Science Validates Ancient Wisdom!

Lao-tzu -author of the Tao Te Ching, a book of wisdom, which is thousand of years old and has been translated more then any other volume in the world (with the exception of the Bible) , writes:    “If  you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place” Shortly after reading Lao-tzu’s quote I came […]

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Welcome To “Think For A Change!”

Hello!   Welcome to my blog “Think For a Change!”  I am Dr Victor Rebman – I just go by Vic. I am a cognitive clinical psychologist, which means I help people change the quality of their lives by changing  the way they think.  Einstein once said that the greatest power in all the world rests […]

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