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The First In a Series: Christmas

Written By: Vic Rebman Ph.D - Dec• 22•09

1212432_lighthouse[1]            “The greatest power in all the universe rests in mans ability to change his mind.” 

Albert Einstein

Eastern religions teach that the world is but a reflection of our state of mind.  Einstein’s quote reminds us of this fact (Yes, it is now a well established fact that our thoughts and the world out there are intimately entangled.) Einstein was also quoted as saying, “The world is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. ”

OUR TOUGHTS ARE A POWERFUL CREATIVE FORCE.  Change the way you think and you change the quality of you life.  With this in mind, my next ten postings will explore 10 powerful  thoughts which I have found to be extremely helpful in raising my level of consciousness and improving the quality of my life.  These thoughts have come to me over the last month through my readings, meditations, and discussions with friends and colleagues.  I hope you find them as powerful as I have.

Power Lesson #1  The True Meaning  Of Christmas

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus. Jesus’ birth is not a celebration of God becoming man, but of man claiming his oneness with God.  Through  his life and ministry, Jesus taught that the Kingdom of Heaven could only be found within one’s self (Luke 17:21).  Within each and every one of us live the power that created the universe. The power of the divine lives within each of us and is activated through our willingness to believe.  Jesus encouraged us to realize that we are capable of even greater things than he (if we choose to believe).

Jesus does not call us to worship him, but to emulate him.  We are called to claim our divinity; to put on the mind of Christ, through which miracles become  natural expressions of love..  We are called not to act as he did, but to think as he did.  Action is a product of thought.  When we adopt the mindset of Jesus we rediscover our oneness with God and anything becomes possible.   Merry Christmas!!!

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