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Giving and Receiving Are One In The Same

Written By: Vic Rebman Ph.D - Jan• 28•10

Power Lesson #4  God can do no more for you than He can do through you.

So often we look 1209466_blue_space_wave[1]at life and our relationships and ask “Why God?”  Why can’t things be different? We pray and seek change, but things continue along the same old path, and it seems the only change we experience is with those things we wish could remain the same.  It’s easy to question why God is not more  influential in our healing.  These are the moments when we need to step back and remind ourselves of two very important facts:

1) God is a word used to describe the power of unconditional love. God is love-literally.

2) To experience love, we must give it away.  Try holding on to love and you lose it.

God (love) can do no more for us than we are willing to allow it to do through us.   To experience the power of miracles in our lives, we must give love away abundantly.  The more we give it away, the more it flows back to us and manifests in abundant and fruitful ways through a wisdom that only love knows.

God can do no more for us than we allow love to flow through us.  Need some miracles??? Open your eyes and look around you.  See all the opportunities to give your love, kindness and compassion away, and for no good reason other than because you see the need and you have love to give.  Give your love away abundantly and watch the healing miracles flow into your life.

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