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Great Leaders Have No Need To Lead!

Written By: Vic Rebman Ph.D - Jan• 08•15
Contemplation #2

“With  great leaders above them, people barely know one exists.”

The Tao

It is an unfortunate fact that narcissism is attracted to positions of leadership and authority as metal is to the magnet. Many would be leaders are drawn to pursue positions of leadership and authority by their need to inflate their sagging egos; without  recognition, status, and power, they feel lacking, inadequate, and even inferior. Leading from a place of lack is what drives authoritative, rigid, and controlling leadership styles. Effective leadership is never about feeding one’s ego needs; it’s  about awakening the potential in others.

Leadership guru Stephen Covey in his book, ” Principle Centered Leadership” (1996) writes:

Self centered people believe that the key lies in them, in their techniques, in doing “their thing” to others. 

This works only temporarily.  If you believe it’s ‘in’ them, not ‘in’ you, you relax, accept, affirm, and let it happen.

It is for this reason many of the greatest leaders in human history did not seek leadership, rather it was thrust upon them. George Washington, Gandhi, and Moses are several  that come immediately to mind.

Those driven to pursue positions of leadership should always step back and ask themselves why, “from what place in me does this passion to lead arise?”

If you are someone with a desire to lead, I encourage you to step back and take a long deep look at yourself. What areas of your character can be strengthened and enhanced? Effective leaders are always committed to personal growth and development, and their drive to lead is never about themselves.  As it is written in the Tao:

The great leaders speak little,

when all is finished the people say,

“we did it ourselves.”

no need

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