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Some Problems Can’t Be Solved

Written By: Vic Rebman Ph.D - Jan• 15•15
Contemplation #3

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him,

who have been called according to his purpose.”

(Romans 8:28)

Everyone has at least one; a problem that just seems to defy resolution. It seems that no matter what you try, nothing works.  The problem remains and even grows worse over time. More often than not, these are problems of life which offer us great opportunity. They challenge us to meet them–not with intellectual solutions, but with an expansion of insight and wisdom.

 Unfortunately, such experiences are usually met with anger or anxiety and experienced as anything but “opportunity!”  Carl Jung, perhaps the greatest psychologist of the 20th century, once wrote,  “The greatest problems in life cannot be solved, they must be  outgrown.” He was addressing the fact that some issues in life can only be resolved by exercising forgiveness, and the expansion of one’s consciousness. This is the truth expressed in Romans 8:28, where it is written,” all things work together for good,” for those who believe in the power and wisdom of Divine love.

To open our minds and hearts to see a loving lesson in the midst of pain requires tremendous fortitude, courage, and faith. The willingness to seek and find a loving lesson in the midst of suffering is one of life’s greatest challenges, and always begins with acceptance. The prayer, if one has the courage to embrace it, becomes

“I accept this pain and these circumstances just as they are,

because without them I can not learn the loving lesson you would have me learn.

 Teach me, awakened me, reveal to me the loving lesson you would have me learn,

 that I may deepen my relationship with you, and my ability to love more fully.”

With the courage to pray these words, with faith and sincerity, the love lesson is guaranteed to come, healing our pain, expanding our consciousness and awakening us more fully as eternal spiritual beings. Could there be any greater example of this than Jesus’ acceptance of death by crucifixion. He had done nothing to warrant such punishment,  nonetheless, he accepted the circumstances thrust upon him as he prayed,”not my will but thy will be done.”

Jesus’ courage and faith allowed him to accept without resistance,  ridicule, pain, suffering, and death by crucifixion; thereby receiving the gift of eternal life through Resurrection.  By doing so, he gave the world the greatest love lesson of all:  life is eternal and death need not be feared. Jesus gave  us the perfect model for how to face and grow beyond the stress and traumas of life which confronts us with no earthly solution. The challenge is great, but when we have the courage to follow his lead, the  joy and peace which is our reward is indescribable and everlasting.

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