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Spiritual Integrity: A Journey Into Wholeness

Written By: Vic Rebman Ph.D - Jul• 16•13

For those interested in developing a spiritually-based meditation practice, let me introduce you into a set of meditations I recently created for a private client.  He has really enjoyed them and encouraged me to make them available to others.  These meditations are very good for newcomers to meditation, as well as more advanced students of meditation.  I practice with them myself.  I entitled these meditations “Spiritual Integrity.”

Spiritual integrity is a set of seven meditations designed to deepen your ability to live in the world with spiritual integrity.  The word “integrity” comes from the Latin adjective “integer” meaning complete or whole.  The practice of spiritual integrity is the development of one’s awareness of personal wholeness as a spiritual being.  These meditations are designed to guide you in the development of increasing congruency in what you think, feel, say, and do, all of which reflect deeper values and spiritual truths consistent with the mind of Christ.

Through Spiritual Integrity, you are led through a process of spiritual growth that resolves cravings, obsessions and addictions, and heals emotional hurts and grievances utilizing the practice of genuine forgiveness.  With these meditations, your relationship with Christ grows to a “whole” new level.

You can listen to these meditations in any order, as each meditation stands alone.  I do recommend listening to the seven meditations in sequence the first time through; then you may practice them as often as you like, in any order.  The more you practice, the more you grow.

These meditations are available in our store under the Spiritual Growth tab.



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