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Written By: Vic Rebman Ph.D - Mar• 25•10

1180616_mountains[1]Inside each and every one of us is the potential to accomplish great things in a way that is uniquely our own.  Abraham Maslow, the great motivational psychologist, wrote about becoming “self -actualized.”   He used the term to describe those unique individuals who had tapped into their inherent greatness, and found  unique ways of sharing that greatness with the world.  The ability to self actualize is within each of us; it’s programmed into our DNA.

Jesus spoke of this self -actualizing process. He taught that for those who believe they could and would, do even greater things than he.  This was his way of encouraging us to recognize that within each of us is the potential for greatness.  To bring out our greatness, however, requires a willingness to do two things:

1)   Believe that there is greatness within you.  Nothing positive can happen until we first believe.  Belief  is what opens the doorway into  positive potential.

2)  Affirm that your greatness is found in a power and wisdom that is beyond yourself.  The human ego loves to celebrate it’s specialness. Thinking of one’s self as “special” is not what were talking about here.  No one is special, but every one is unique.

Once you are willing to believe:  1) There is a power in you that is a source for unlimited  good.   2) This power seeks to manifest  in ways that are uniquely your own.   3)  This power is  in you, but not of  you.    Now, you are on your way to self -actualizing.  One might think of  positive potential as the energy of unconditional love waiting for the opportunity to manifest in the world.  You are here for a purpose and have within you the potential to manifest  good.

There are those in need of your unique service, that is, your manifestation of greatness.   They are waiting on you!  Awaken  to your potential and fulfill the role that you have been assigned.  It  is your divine destiny.  To live a life of anything less is not to have really lived at all!!

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