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Anxiety Is Anticipatory

Written By: Vic Rebman Ph.D - Mar• 20•17

Healing with Parables

Overcome Anxiety without Medication


I am proud to announce the release of my Healing With Parables program!

Healing With Parables is a spiritually based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) program for overcoming stress and anxiety without the need for medication.

In the coming months, I will be releasing a series of videos which take the mystery out of anxiety disorders and explain how CBT treats anxiety without the need for medication. If you or someone you know struggles with anxiety, or chronic stress, then I encourage you to check out my Healing With Parables program. Thanks for sharing this information with anyone you know who could benefit!

My first video is called “Anxiety Is Anticipatory.” In this 6 min. video, I will introduce you to CBT and explain why it is the Goldstar treatment for all anxiety disorders. Why does CBT treat anxiety so effectively?  Well, the answer is quite simple…





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